CYNK Innovations

Web3 tech can be used to fight climate change. Here's how


By leveraging DLT, CYNK provides a secure and transparent infrastructure platform for tracking and trading carbon credits. This can make it easier for individuals and small businesses to participate in the carbon market, as they would be able to directly access and trade carbon credits without needing to go through a broker or intermediary.


CYNK improves the overall efficiency and integrity of the carbon market by providing a secure and transparent way to track the ownership and transfer of carbon credits. Immutability of blockchain helps to prevent fraud and ensure that carbon credits are accurately accounted for, which would in turn help to build trust and confidence in the market.


CYNK enables the creation of new financial instruments, such as carbon futures and options, which increase market liquidity, enable retail participation, and make it easier for businesses to manage their carbon risks. Additionally, real-time, peer-to-peer trading of carbon credits, without the need for intermediaries or centralized marketplaces can improve pricing of various climate assets.

By using smart contracts, buyers and sellers of carbon credits can agree to the terms of a trade, and the carbon credits can be automatically transferred once the conditions of the contract are met. This can help to reduce the time and cost of buying and selling carbon credits, making the market more accessible to the public and efficient for pricing.


CYNK allows various carbon credit systems and platforms to work together seamlessly with the help of blockchain. Since carbon credits are a global, cross-border financial instrument, there are many types of systems and platforms in use around the world. There are other environmental assets beyond carbon credits such as Renewable Energy Credits (REC).

Without interoperability, it can be difficult and expensive for companies and individuals to buy and sell carbon credits in different countries or regions, which can hinder the development of a global carbon market. Green aims to unlock the full potential of connected global carbon markets through interoperable blockchain technology.

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