Token launch platform for transformative climate projects to raise funds and reach across ReFi ecosystem

CYNK's Launchpad aims to initiate a paradigm shift on climate project financing. The launchpad will serve as a token launch platform for transformative climate projects with exponential social and climate impact. These projects could be in the future, be incubated, overseen and financed through CYNK DAO.

Users on CYNK Launchpad stake and commit platform tokens to participate in the Initial-Green-Offering of amazing climate projects. Final allocation of the new tokens are decided based on the committed platform tokens by the users against the total committed platform tokens by all participants in a specific project.

Users across the globe will have permissionless access to these amazing climate projects, which could be the next Tesla. Users who successfully participate in the Launchpad will receive allocated project tokens. As project token holders, users have the rights to receive future carbon credit token airdrops or any other climate assets being generated and tokenized by the projects.

Launchpad offers an unprecedented opportunity for cutting-edge climate projects to raise funds and reach across the ReFi ecosystem. These projects range from regenerative agriculture to renewable energy and direct carbon capture. Whilst these projects could be from most countriesAfrican countries. Please visit for projects in the Initial-Green-Offering pipeline.

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