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Regenerative Finance

A high-level summary of regenerative economics
Regenerative Finance, or ReFi, is based on this theory of regenerative economics. ReFi is the regenerative finance movement forming at the intersection of the third evolution of the internet (Web3) and increasing concerns over climate change. The acronym ReFi itself is reminiscent of its close connections to DeFi (decentralized finance). Within the ReFi space, a multitude of communities are emerging with the common objective of leveraging the blockchain to fight against climate change.
At its core, this approach implies a change of paradigm and the ability to articulate a complex systems solution. Regenerative economics incentivizes actions that increase systemic health, and disincentivizes actions that lead to systemic degradation. It applies nature’s principles of regeneration to socio-economic systems, supporting equitable well-being and thriving ecosystems. ReFi is becoming an enabler for the growth and development of the carbon market, and can help to make it more accessible, efficient, and effective in combating climate change. CYNK is excited to lead innovation in ReFi to accelerate global progress toward carbon neutrality.